Autonomous Driving 2014 - The Future Of ADAS

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Dr. Sven Beiker
Executive Director
Center for Automotive Research Stanford University / USA

Karlheinz Haupt
Executive Vice President Business Unit ADAS Division Chassis & Safety
Continental Corporation / Germany

Emilio Frazzoli
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / USA

Dr. Hariolf Gentner
Head of Department, Environment Models and Software Development
BMW AG / Germany

Bakhtiar Litkouhi
Manager, Perception & Vehicle Control Systems Electrical & Controls Systems Research Lab
General Motors Research & Development/ USA

Michael Heimrath
Manager Projects Connected Drive
BMW Research and Technology / Germany

Dr. Eberhard Zeeb
Manager Autonomous Driving
Daimler AG / Germany




Autonomous Driving 2014 The Future of ADAS

“Deep insights into all striking topics of autonomous driving presented by competent experts and top discussions with participants from all fields”
Dr. Hariolf Gentner, BMW AG

After a very successful Autonomous Driving - The Future of ADAS event 2014, we.CONECT will return the leading European conference in the field of autonomous driving and ADAS in 2015 as the Automotive Tech.AD Berlin.



  • more than 200 participants
  • 110 companies
  • 9 World Cafés
  • 8 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables
  • 4 eventful Icebreaker Session
  • 20+ high level case studies





"Very good presentations, very high skilled persons, very good mixture of presentations and interactive sessions."
Konrad Pfaller, Audi

"Rightly professional conference with the perfect match between state of the art presentations and
break-out networking sessions!"

Bert Dexters, Flanders Drive

"You really connected global leaders!"
Prana Tharthiharan Natarajan, Frost & Sullivan

"Great learning with like-minded people, I now have 50+ people in my network – I can now call them."
Mussa Mahomed, Nylacast Limited

"Thank you for a very well performed business event – yes, it was much more than a conference!"
Per Adolfsson, Sentient Sweden

"Informative conference (provide) with unique cafes / discussions that permitted interactive
discussions on relevant topics."

Andy Shaw, Bentley Motors Ltd.

"Relaxed, open atmosphere with a new refreshing concept."
Kristof Polmans, Thyssen Krupp Presta AG




On the eve of the first conference day, the Icebreaker session provided a first opportunity to network, benchmark and discuss, while allowing the participants to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere at the Ramada Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

  • Roundtable 1: Autonomous Driving – What is the Effect on User Experience?
  • Roundtable 2: How Will Autonomous Vehicle Influence Future Mobility?
  • Roundtable 3: Evolution or Revolution – Which Paths Will Autonomous Technology Follow?
  • Roundtable 4: Zoox – A Level 4 Mobility Company and the Emergence of Autonomous Mobility

“Great collection of key players in the industry.”
Prof. Emilio Frazzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



The first day of the conference was focused on the latest developments of autonomous driving. The presentations and case studies dealt with various topics such as mobility, legal aspects, the design of a roadmap toward autonomous driving as well as system & component requirements.

During the first part of the day, Karlheinz Haupt, Continental Corporation, Germany, highlighted Continental Strategic Roadmap, leading from ADAS to highly automated driving. Later on, Anders Eugensson, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden, focused on the legal aspects of autonomous driving by describing the legal framework, liability issues along with future developments linked to the innovative field. Harald Altinger, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, Germany, later discussed piloted parking within parking garages, explaining the driver assistance system as well as distributed sensors and decision logics enabling this new service.

The first evening ended with a guided bus tour through Berlin’s most famous sites and a delightful networking dinner at the 12 Apostel restaurant, famous for its Italian atmosphere.

“A well organized event by we.CONECT with very high attendance underlining the interest in this topic”
Robert Kraus, Inova Semiconductors GmbH



The second day centered on case studies and various keynotes discussing new systems and technologies for autonomous driving. Presentations focused on topics such as in-vehicle apps or interfaces between customer functions and environment sensors.

As a start into the second day of the conference, Dr. Hariolf Gentner, BMW AG, Germany, centered his presentation on the evolution from single sensors to the environment model, which will lead to highly automated driving. Later on, Danny Shapiro, NVIDIA, USA focused on enabling cars to become super cars, by implementing the next wave of in-vehicle aops and automation. Patrice Reilhac, Valeo, Germany, closed off the conference by presenting Valeo’s project on intuitive driving, an end-user based vision for the automated and connected car.

“A lively coming together of great minds in autonomous drive, which stimulated thoughts and opened the mind.”
Yi Zheng, QNX



Participants explained the suggested numerous difficulties and challenges they encounter in their daily work and throughout their experience in the industry, and looked at different possible solutions.

In addition to the outstanding presentations of the event, we.CONECT strived to achieve more. This is why we asked each participant, before the conference, for further topics, questions and issues they feel are important to address. Based on this information, we created innovative and exciting Challenge Your Peers Roundtables. Each table dealt with important topics which participants had shown interest in. Discussions lasted for most of the afternoon on the first-day.

Overview of the Topics

  • Defining the Roadmap Towards Autonomous Driving
  • Defining Profitable Business Models for Autonomous Driving
  • How much of a Threat are Google and Other New Entrants to the Auto Industry?
  • Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving
  • Autonomous Driving – The User Experience
  • Discussing Future Mobility Concepts
  • Human Factors
  • Discussing System Requirements for Autonomous Driving

“The conference was a horizon-enhancing experience - Informative talks, exhilarating discussions, perfectly organized.”
Peter Battram, OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology



Through a series of small intensive, interactive and innovative roundtable discussions delegates were able to exchange ideas and best practices on important topics and problems/issues faced.

During the World Café Sessions on the second conference day, participants were given the opportunity to discuss and share ideas on the following nine core issues:

Testing Café
Torsten Schultz and Bernhard Mueller-Bessler, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik Germany on Advanced Testing – Validation of Deterministic Systems in Non-Deterministic Environment

HMI Café
Corinna Eckstein, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America (MBRDNA) and Ingo Kruse, Daimler AG on HMI Requirements for Autonomous Vehicles

Collaborative Mobility Café
Dr. Ilja Radusch, Daimler Center for Automotive Information Technology Innovations (DCAITI) on Aiming at Compatibility of Safety and Efficiency of Road Traffic

User Experience Café
Manfred Tscheligi, University of Salzburg on User Experience in Vehicles: What is the Impact of Autonomous Driving on Driving Behaviour and Driving Experience?

Deployment Timeline Café
Richard Bishop, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International USA on Defining the Deployment Potential for Autonomous Vehicles in Different Regions

Product Development Café
Tim Kentley-Klay, Michael Harrison-Ford and Alex McDonald, Zoox.CO Australia on Zoox – Thinking About Autonomous Mobility From a Product Vision Perspective

Research Café
Dr. Karl Iagnemma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA on Key Research Questions in Autonomous Vehicle Development

Safety & Risk Café
Torquil Ross Martin, Tata Motors UK on Safety and Risk Issues For Self Driving Cars

Sensor Café
Alain Dunoyer, SBD (Secured By Design Ltd) UK on Sensors to Support Autonomous Driving

With the key objective of the world café roundtables to create ample new perspectives, participants took action and approached the nine issues collectively to create real output.

More than 200 global automotive professionals, team leaders and engineering managers from OEMs, Tier1 & suppliers, global research institutions and market newcomers from the departments: Vehicle Dynamics, Driver Assistance, Research & Development and Innovation gathered in February 2014 to benchmark the status of Autonomous Driving - The Future of ADAS.

At the center of discussion in Berlin were 'Strategic Roadmaps – From ADAS to Highly Automated Driving', 'New Systems and Technologies for Automated Driving', as well as 'HMI Considerations and future trends for autonomous driving'. International participants, speakers and business partners took part in a highly interactive conference and used the opportunity to discuss experiences, network, benchmark their state-of-the-art and exchange best practices.

In 2015, you will be invited to join again more than 200 senior managers, leaders and directors again from February 26 to 27, to discuss the latest developments and challenges in this field. Be part of a most interactive community and join our get-together with top companies from all over the world to discuss the current role and coming innovations of autonomous driving.

we.CONECT dedicates its Autonomotive Tech.AD Berlin 2015 to discuss the state-of-the-art in all sectors. The conference will provide you a cohesive update on the latest challenges and solutions in the area of autonomous driving.

Review of the Autonomous Driving 2014 - The Future of ADAS

  • Europe’s established leading forum on Autonomous Driving: More than 200 participants from over 110 companies from all over Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA discussed future challenges and latest approaches in the area of autonomous driving technology and approaches

  • 20+ high level case studies were presented by companies such as BMW AG, BMW Research & Technology, Daimler AG, General Motors Research & Development, Continental Corporation, the Center for Automotive Research Stanford University, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and many more…

  • 84 % of participants want to return in 2015 - This conference received an average rating of 4.2 by the participants, ranked on a scale of 1-5 with 5 standing for the highest and 1 for the lowest rank

  • The Autonomous Driving 2014 featured 9 World Cafés, 8 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables, a delightful evening reception, a guided bus-tour through historic Berlin and 4 eventful Icebreaker Sessions on the evening before the conference.

  • Please find more detailed information, articles and interviews in our Media Center or subscribe to our exclusive USB Conference Doc Pack here.

More than 20 Presentations and Keynotes

Inspiring discussions and presentations regarding the core issues of the conference, including topics such as driver assistance system, intuitive driving, automatic steering systems and safety & liability issues in the area of autonomous driving fulfilled the participants’ expectations.
Throughout the two conference days, interesting case studies were presented and fruitful discussions took place. The exchange of ideas between participants, speakers and business partners was animated and encouraged through different kinds of sessions (e.g. World Cafés and Challenge Your Peers Roundtables). The conference aimed to engage all participants in active discussion and debate - and this goal was notably achieved.

Lessons Learned & Success Achieved

In retrospect, the we.CONECT Autonomous Driving 2014 featured a highly multi-facetted, diversified and top-interactive networking platform to bring leading managers in the field of autonomous driving from all over the world.

The conference brought industry leaders closer to practical solutions and best practices for autonomous driving, as well as create a thriving network of diverse players in the evolving market.

we.CONECT would like to thank the team, participants, speakers, business partners and media partners for a very successful event.